DubHorn posted Sep 17 '17 at 10:35 am
Scout Knives - Server
NZEC is now hosting a Scout Knives server, This is the first of many servers we will start hosting.

As with the old Scout Knives server we had hosted this server also has a ranks system. This rank system is used to keep track of the top players Top 20 Scout Knives

Port: 27015
Map: scoutzknivez_v2_beams
Max Players: 12

DubHorn posted Sep 14 '17 at 12:25 pm
In doing the upgrade/changes I have had to redo the database meaning all old accounts where deleted.
Forum Changes
Upgraded the forum to a more stable version
Forced the use of HTTPS
Added Steam Name to profile
Added Twitch Name to profile
Added the ability to set your gender to profile
polling system now in Forum
Website Changes
Removed old links
Forced the use of HTTPS
Added CS:GO ranks ba
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